Summative reflective journal

This project was a great opportunity for me to develop my technological and design skills, using technological software I was expecting precise professional outcomes but due to my technological skills I had to change these plans, this lead me to develop my ceramic skills in casting and glazing. To develop my technological skills, I attended Rhino workshops and practiced using online tutorials to freshen my mind because I hadn’t used any of this software since last year. It also helped a lot discussing my designs with tutors, the soft modelling tutors were very helpful with design aspect I would need to consider if the design would need to be 3D printed. I also learnt a lot about ceramics during this project, I made a lot of new glazes for the first time and learnt how to fire a kiln for the first time. I still have a lot to learn about ceramics and understand why some outcomes come as they are, I still don’t understand who some glaze result came out as they did or how they react different with different types of firings but I’m definitely interested in researching into this more.

My stamps would be produced once and only supplied to St Fagan because they have been designed specifically for their needs. I thought about if I was making them in batch production for retailers, which aspects of my design I would need to change, my biggest problem would be being that stamps are usually bought separately and not in a set because I initially designed these as a set for St Fagan.  I researched into ink stamps and there aren’t many multipurpose ones on the market, wax seal stamps are usually designed so you can change the stamping template. I thought if there would be use in reproducing this design with my butter stamps and I think it would be a playful element for the children to have fun and would help them have a hand on approach on this traditional skill. My final pieces were able to attach and detach and suit the needs to be successful in a mass produced market as these types of stamps are unusual but having a ceramic base definitely wouldn’t suit a mass produced market as they’re time consuming to make and delicate to transport, but there is a possibility they could be successfully produced one off for weddings and fine dining restaurants. I think the ceramic base works for St Fagan all though children will be using them I’d hope they would be more respectful towards them and not break them, and also I really think the glazes fit into the characteristics of StFagan.

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