Transforming logo’s into stamps

My initial idea was to create separate stamps which could be used on ink and butter but these would need two different design approaches as the ink would be 2D and the butter stamps would be 3D a little more challenging. I decided to focus on the butter stamps because this is the tradition i’m re-considering. I tried making the design to be 3D printed o’r CNC using Rhino but because my technological skills aren’t amazing I wouldn’t have been able to make them in time for this deadline, this idea would have been perfect to use as I could use them straight on the stamps. After raising this issue in my tutorial they suggested i made them out of clay, this is a quick and easy alternative but i would loose the logos i designed using the golden ratio which would have made them aesthetically pleasing, regardless of this i decided to make them out of clay then make a mould of them using silicone and casting them in resin for the final piece.

To make the silicone mould I used plasticine as a base then used a plastic sheet to secure everything so the silicone wouldn’t pour everywhere, this was a quick process but needed to be left over night to set.

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