Designing glamour and femininity

What are the qualities that signify glamour and beauty?

In our sessions these are a couple of qualities that come up quite often, Make-up is often used to accentuate flawless skin and define contours in the face, heavy eye make-up is also used to draw attention to the eyes and bright lip sticks are used to evoke sexual desire, this can be related back to Freudians concepts of castration fear where attention must be drawn somewhere else rather than on the female genitalia. Soft and silky fabrics are often used which relate to wealth and luxury, jewellery uses the same qualities which draws attention again away from the genitalia relating back to castration fear.


What are the textures and forms that characterise femininity?

Femininity in sculptural form is often characterised by using marble which is a hard material and very pretty and shiny to look at but not relatively nice to touch as it’s quite cold, this evokes that females are often pressured to look flawless and draw attention to some aspects of the body but this then objectifies them as it’s unnatural. Lot of self-tanning products are being advertised for women to achieve a bronzed skin, bronze is a very expensive and luxurious material, this colour can help hide flaws in our skin and make it again shinny and soft. All of the shiny and soft materials can give a magical and nostalgic feel which we experienced when younger.


How is desirability constructed?

Desirability is often constructed by concealing and revelling, a concealed body can be very suggestive and play on anticipation and suspense, the act of dressing to be undressed can be related to unwrapping a gift which accentuates the desire of discovery. This happens in the act of strip teasing, often soft and silky ribbons are used to lace up and bind the body which maximizes the prolonged hesitation for desire. Castration fear is also believed to accentuate fetishisms as they focus strongly on avoiding the female genitalia, this has grown focus on most other parts of the female body like the breast, we are often pressured to have the perfect breasts, it’s though that they’ve been the main focus as they used to feed us when we were babies so there’s a physiological connection.

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