Which market would my stamps fit in?

During a tutorial I was asked which market my stamps would fit in, my pieces would be produced once and only supplied to StFagan because they have been designed for their needs. I thought about if I was making them in batch production for retailers which aspects of my design I would change, my biggest problem would be is that stamps are usually bought separately and not in a set, my intention was to sell these stamps in a set so I had to re-think my design to see if i could over come this issue.  I researched into ink stamps and there aren’t many  multipurpose ones on the market, but wax seal stamps are usually designed so you can change the stamping template. I thought if there would be any use in reproducing this design with my butter stamps and I think it would be a fun element for the children to be playful and would help them remember this tradition.

My main focus now is to produce colourful handles for the stamps so they’ll be eye catching for the children then produce sturdy stamping templates which you’ll be able to detach and attach to other handles. Wax seal stamps use a screw to attach and detach the stamping templates but if these stamps will be used for butter they’ll be quite slippery ‘butter fingers!’ I will use magnets to attach and detach the templates so it can easily be done and still have a playful element to them.


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