Using Rhino and 3D printer

During this week I needed to start developing my ideas on Rhino, I haven’t practised Rhino since last year so I attended a workshop to freshen up. I was very worried at the start of the week about timing, using technology to make is new to me and I was unaware about possible hiccups that could occur. After talking to a tutors i felt confident to 3D print, they also gave me tips on my designs in regards to dimensions and what would print best.

After a group tutorial we discussed how the stamps should be used and everyone would like to see them used in butter, this means I will need to make some design changes. First I will need to change the stamping template to a negative of the pattern and also simplify them. Another suggestion was that I need to work more on the aesthetics of the piece, I was going to stick with 3D printing but I think if I cast the piece and experiment with glazes it will look much more aesthetically pleasing, but I don’t want to make the stamping template out of ceramics because it’ll be brittle, I was going to stick with 3D printing the stamping template but i don’t think that’ll look very good. After researching, stamps are typically made out of rubber where as butter stamps were traditionally made out of wood, this gives me two materials to research and experiment with, if i’ll be using wood I could use the lazer cutter or CNC machine to cut out a design, or i could 3D print templates and cast them in rubber? Next week i will be focusing on this.

For the stamping templates I will need a list of all the workshops they’ll be offering, at the moment i’m struggling to find who gave the presentation in St Fagan as I get passed on to different people all the time and they can’t answer my questions, if this progresses to next week I will have to make my own categories because i’m running out of time to design a logo for each category.

Here is the handle of the stamp being 3D printed, it was slightly larger than i thought it would be but if children are going to be using them they will be easy to handle and fit butter ramekins nicely. Next week I’ll make a cast of this handle and get some ready for bisque firing by Friday hopefully.

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