Introducing you to Cartref Llio!

I started out making notice boards and selling them on Etsy and within a week  I could see which ones were most popular and selling best so I decided to make a big batch of them (They all finally sold out today!) I’m very lucky to have a supportive family who enjoy and encourage me to make (free things for them!) and they requested if I could make some jewellery for them. I’ve never been a big jewellery fan, I never wear any or had a particular interest, I’ve always been into home wear instead so I thought I would change their mind a little. I started to produce some coasters out of polymer clay, I had experience in the very first week of term working with polymer after visiting London design museum and being inspired by Kate Trouw’ work. I experimented with marbling a variety of colours to create the coasters and people loved them! They became very popular and I was recently lucky to receive a big order from a shop by the coast in Snowdonia requesting many….many coasters (Don’t think I left the house for a week!) my business A-level came in very handy as well! It makes me so happy to think my work is available in a shop and people are using them and enjoying them, I can’t quite get my head around it!

My family didn’t stop encouraging me there, they were still nagging for me to make them some jewellery so I made little stud earrings using the same technique of marbling. Within the week of them wearing them out and about they had more and more requests from their friends and work colleagues wanting some so I decided to add them to my shop. I think out of everything in the shop they are my most popular product, the shop in Snowdonia ordered a variety of these as well!

Soon enough you come to learn it’s not all about the making, there’s a lot of advertising to be done, taking care of your customers, producing packaging, building up a brand, finances and much more, but overall I really enjoy it and it’s given me a lot of confidence in my work. Returning back to university does make me worry a little about juggling both but I think with great organisation comes great control so I just need to get organised, get a plan going and a routine and I’ll be dandy (cross fingers)


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