Change of context

During the start of this project I experimented a lot with mirrors to help enhance the shadows using light and embroidery, after experimenting with light and mirrors again I couldn’t get the results I wanted and couldn’t plan a way to display my work so it would look effective. Also I’ll have another light piece displayed side by side so this could be hard for viewers to differentiate the projects. After considering the context behind my work, I don’t think focusing on the shadows would work because what attracted me in the first place to coral was their vibrancy and colour, I will focus entirely on my embroidered pieces because I’ve spent a lot of time making them and I really like how they’ve turned out. After experimenting a lot with mirrors I’ve learnt a lot about how they can expand my work, I experimented with a lot of angles and discovered that the narrower the angle, the more reflections will occur to expand my piece. My intention is to create a small section of work then use the reflection in the mirrors to expand the piece so it looks complete.


Here I have around seven layers of embroidery, I experimented with using different colours for the top stitch and bottom stich and I think it’s worked well to help give the piece richer dimension. I used a 70angle for my mirrors and I think this is narrow enough to reflect my work, if I used a narrower angle then it would be hard to catch the viewers eye as they pass by.


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