Light final pieces

After being unsuccessful with turning resin and wood I had to re think my piece and revert back to the gilding paper I had made, I had difficulty molding the gilding paper as the glue would turn the copper green, this resulted in researching into origami which is a popular way of constructing with paper but I couldn’t find the results I was looking for. I reverted back to organic forms and thought how I could include them in my final form, I noticed that a lot of organic forms include repetition so I began experimenting.

These were my quick experiment, I could see potential in this design and a lot of connections with organic forms and their repetition. The base was made with a ribbon mache around a balloon, this allows more light to shine through compared to the usual paper mache.

I decided to create more paper but much finer and smaller, here you can see the layering process i used to assemble the individual points.

This is my final light piece, you can see I cut the paper finer again compared to my first experiments and I’m happy with the results, I really like how the light looks like in the dark as well, I can see a resemblance in seeds and garden plants.


I decided I will hang my final piece, I’ve secured a light inside which can be connected to a plug so this will be quite easy to assemble in my exhibition space, I will use a shelve bracket to help hang my work as there won’t be enough spaces to hang work. 15 IKEA Hacks To Add Fixer Upper Style To Your Home:

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