Only buy soluble FABRIC…

Do not buy paper soluble to embroider into unless you like to spend hours tirelessly scrubbing them afterwards with a toothbrush! Unfortunately I learnt this the hard way after I completed quite a lot of work then dissolved them all at once, when I tried to dissolve the paper I realized that the paper which had been embroidered on would not dissolve and it would take hours to scrub off, still after this it left a cloudy stain on the thread. All though these won’t be used as my final set of work this is what they looked like, some before and other after.


Here you can see that the paper wasn’t strong enough for the thread so I struggled a lot with it tearing.


I had one layer of soluble fabric left but it’s not strong enough on it’s own so i added it t the paper, this still didn’t help the paper getting stuck in the thread.


Here you can see the paper stuck in the thread.


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