In term of writing and assessing there is a large difference in expectations from a foundation course to a Bachelor of Arts with Honours course, trying to understand our expectations can be a little overwhelming at times especially in the first term. I did struggle with constellation through the first term but after receiving my feedback I’m confident that I’m on track to understanding what is expected. We had to be very independent in our classes, I struggled to understand and make sense of concepts which we were given but this improved my ability to think and develop my opinion into a new area which I’d never come across before. Understanding the concepts relating to philosophy is still problematic for me, so is trying to express my theories and understanding of them. This has helped me analyse what I need to do to improve my work for our summative assessment in May which is, to give myself more time to analyse concepts and attend writing workshops to help express my understanding clearer.

As I am a Maker, for my projects I usually focus on materials and form more than the concept behind my work because I feel I learn more interacting with tangible objects rather than studying in a library, my constellation sessions have persuaded me to consider the historical and philosophical aspects of art and design which has allowed me to discover and extend my passions for making after considering the historical aspects behind methods and how they’ve changed over the years.

It has made me analyse artists and designers in depth, and make understanding of concepts which I found hard to accept. This has helped me make artist work memorable by understanding the concepts behind them and then trying to relate them to my work, it has persuaded me to try find a theme in my work so see where I stand, I thought my work was aiming towards more of a design aspect but I think it could be emerging towards a craft aspect as I like to focus mainly on the skill of making.

My specific action plan I will undertake because of my formative feedback is to attend writing workshops so I can express my understanding of work better and help my grammar, I need to improve my time management and consider contingency plans in case I don’t understand something clearly or my subject matter doesn’t appeal to me. Better communication with my tutor will also help which will be vital for my next constellation group, I think it’ll be challenging especially as this assessment with be marked and count towards my grade.

I have greatly enjoyed my second term of constellation studying Neo-futurism, it was fascinating learning the history of architecture and the past manifestos which predicted the truth of where architecture is now, I enjoyed the flexibility of our lessons and my tutor, we covered a range of topics from futuristic products of Vito Di Barri to the history of the Papuan tribe . I’ve never took interest in history but I think it’s vital to understand the circumstances our country is in now. This lead me to research into Nuclear Power for my formative assessment essay which doesn’t necessary relate to art and design, but it’s made me aware of what we’re facing in the future which used to concern me. This has been a key motive for me to change aspects of my work, I’ve realised that the world is developing fast, as soon as I start my second year at university I need to start specifying into a material or software so I can create a high standard of work ready for my final year.

I enjoyed some of the key notes I attended such as ‘The rietveld- Schroder house’ as I found it like my constellation lessons and I enjoy learning about the history and purpose of architecture, another key note I enjoyed was ‘How Japanese design challenges western fashion ideologies’, I could instantly relate to this key note by looking at all students around me and the general opinion we have on how people dress day to day, I think Cardiff is a very open city and it’s open for interpretation so some days I can go out wearing something unusual and different and people would complement me, where as if I went back home to Snowdonia and wore the same garment people would talk and question as they wouldn’t have been used to this change. There were Keynotes where I wasn’t interested in the subject or I found difficult to understand such as ‘Sex sells’, ‘Reframing Theory in the context of Practice’ and ‘”No Sex Please – I’m Sherlock”, I struggled to relate any of these into my practice.

My thinking during practice has strongly developed this term, I have become more observant of my surrounding and became much more interested regarding events which are taking place in our country, I regularly follow the news to keep me updated on what’s going on in the world and I think this is vital for the development of my work. I would like to produce work which relates to these events so people can relate to my work, our world is currently entering an unknown future and this could generate fear within our community, the work we produce could bring people comfort and peace of mind if we can take their attention away from these events even for a second, or we could teach and inform people of what’s going on so they can be aware of the world we live in, I would be very interested to develop these concepts for my next project.

Reading through my First term feedback I can clearly see improvement in my confidence and I’m much more observant which helps me focus and question my interests, during my first term I was very concerned about my literacy and writing skills, after assessing my strengths and weaknesses I found out towards the very end of term that I am dyslexic, I now know where I can find help which focuses on my weaknesses so I can improve my literacy skills up to a undergraduate level to achieve my desired grades.

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