Olafur Eliasson

Olafur Eliasson is known for the simplicity and experimental nature of his work, his work emphasizes light, refraction and scale, this allows each viewer to involve their selves in their own unique experience. This is what I would like my work to achieve, to have that connection with the viewer, Olafur’s work tends to be on a larger scale and this helps with the nature of perception in his work, I’d like to achieve a large scale instillation one day, I think this is a big advantage to try engage a viewer with my work.



His work was also featured in the Hayward gallery in London, this piece was called ‘Model of a timeless Garden’ which merges fountains and strobe lighting to create an amazing sculpture of live frozen frames. To see something we usually perceive as moving frozen in time right in front of our eyes is quite magical, it’s simple but beautiful that we come to realise the beauty of what we see day to day.

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