Lathe induction


  • No loose clothing
  • Tie hair back
  • No jewellery
  • Always work on one side
  • Make sure the work rotated 360 ֯ with out obstruction
  • Wear safety glasses and apron
  • Tools must be resting on tool rest

I’ve used the lathe before to create my final piece while I was studying a foundation course, i really enjoyed going back on the lathe and it gave me plenty of ideas on how it can help with my light project.

Image result for lathe labeled

These are the components of the lathe, i was taught how to adjust the speed of the lathe and which speeds are appropriate for each step of making. – This website is great for explaining all the tools and what their purpose are.

This is a clip of me turning the side of my bowl, I made a mistake here and turned the base to small so it wouldn’t fit in the chuck properly, I also realized the speed was to slow so I had to readjust and restart. Eventually i finished creating the bowl and i was taught how to add the black detail round the rim, we used the parting tool as a guide then tensed a wire and slowly introduce it until is started burning.


I was happy with my final result and i can’t wait to start experimenting on the lathe again, I’ve experimented a lot with cardboard and melting milk cartons as materials to lathe previously, i’d like to experiment with epoxy resin next and see how light can travel through a range of materials.

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