Critical Thinking

What is critical thinking?

Definition: The objective analysis and the evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgement.

To help me critically think i will need to identify other peoples pre-suppositions, positions, arguments, and conclusion. i will need to keep in mind.

  1. What’s been argued for?
  2. What’s been argued against?
  3. What are they actually saying?

What makes me a critical thinker?

  • Accept the possibility that your belief may be false
  • You have no initial preference of one belief over the other
  • You are able to consider alternatives beliefs
  • You come to adopt or reject beliefs by coming up with evidence or other reasons for or against those beliefs.
  • You actively investigate or test different beliefs.
  • Your confidence in your beliefs is proportional to how much reason you find for that belief.

How will critical thinking enhance my work though practice and written work?

It will help me consider other aspects of art and design and it’s interesting to think where their background it from to see from which aspect they would consider the situation. This has helped me understand where to position my self in relation to other practitioners, and allow me to critically effect my own work through practice and written work.

I’ve talked previously about Adolf Loos and it’s interesting to think of him as a critical thinker. He often thought about ornament an crime, my favorite example from his is where he compares tribal groups to us, we think of their tattoos with beauty and culture but once we start adding tattoo’s to our body were instantly considered to be thugs an rebelling.




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