Light tutorial

From the start of this project i wanted to follow a lightning theme to represent light but I’ve been finding it difficult to come up with designs that I like as I’ve focused on lightning in a literal sense, I kept thinking how can the shadows look like lighting bolts but i’d rather focus on the form of the design and create a lighting fixture. I made little tubes using tracing paper and gold leaf at the start of this project and it’s what gave me the idea of a lightning theme, i really like using the gold leaf, it gives my work richness and it captures the light beautifully, i will definitely still incorporate this with my final designs.

My next idea was to play with paper to create a light fixture and then add gold leaf on top, i booked two origami books from the library and started experimenting with forms but it’s much harder than i though, it would take months to try come up with a formula to create my own origami designs so i was back to square one.

I had a lathe induction and it inspired me to experiment, I’ve used the lathe before and really enjoyed experimenting with materials, my favorite was melting milk bottles into blanks, it was very time consuming but the results were amazing, they looked like marble! I’ve seen a lot of videos online of people using resin, specifically epoxy resin to lathe with as it hardens like glass but we only have polyester resin at uni, I will try to use this but the longer I leave it to dry the harder it will get so I will create blanks before the Easter holidays so they will have as least 4 weeks drying time before I turn them.

I really enjoyed the paper making workshop, it would be interesting to see how it would look with the gold flakes incorporated in the pulp, to get a precise form I think paper mache would be a great process to work quickly and experiment as much as possible if the paper looks ok.

If these plans work, I would turn the base with the wood and resin then create a fixture with the paper mache, I could also experiment with the paper and resin, I could make really thick paper and add a resin base to the end.


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