Craft in the Bay

At the moment they’re exhibiting the ‘SuperBowls: Interpretations of an ageless design’ at craft in the bay, these were my favorite pieces.

These were wheel thrown by Peter wills, he combines carious amounts of graded shale from welsh streams to pure porcelain, I love how the grit gives the bowls a raw element but the blue really adds richness, they remind me of gem stones.


These are from Zoe Hillyard kiln cracked series, I was uncertain at first with what medium she used as clay and stitch are rarely combined together. I like the concept behind the work of mending exploded work from the kiln but i’m not sure if I like them, I’m more interested in the clay underneath, it would be interesting to see the clay bare and then all the stitch work on top.

These are slab built vessels by Rachel Foxwell, I love the freedom in her textural mark making and the control in her line, it’s not hard to guess that her inspiration came from changing linear, texture and light details within seascapes, it’s been beautifully portrayed on her vessels.

These pieces by Louise Hall weren’t in the supper bowls exhibition but I loved the delicateness of her hand built porcelain forms and vessels. We can see how she pushed the materials to it’s very limits and how she captures aspects of the collapse by interrupting the contours creating imperfect lines. These pictures aren’t very clear but the texture of these vessels were capsuled by lace indentation, this helped with the delicateness of the work and the little hint of gold around the rims really completes the pieces with richness.

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