Lab workshop 3


During this week we were looking at art as a series of clues to create a narrative. We first had quick tasks to do such as taking 10 minutes to write our names, looking at a still life for a couple of seconds then drawing it. We then played the “Exquisite Corpse” game which brought us all back to our childhood, these were the results.


We were then told to create a 20 second video which will be a part of a three section triptic, we had to do a video for the second Part. We started brain storming as a group of 5 and thought we would focus on light shadow and darkness so our second triptic would be shadow, we were quite busy individually so we thought it would be best to film individually and then layer the videos together to create a muddled grey tone. We created a group chat and supplied all our videos then we each played around with the app called ‘fused’ layering a range of videos. This technique was successful as it was accessible for everyone, here is our final outcome.

The music in the background is very laggy but as we presented it in front of everyone they pointed out it creates an interesting beat and adds to the video.

During our second day we realized we had to swap videos and create the first section based on someone else’s triptick, this was the video we had to respond to.

We wanted to concentrate on the element of time and how we chose to represent this was with the deterioration of apples, we were each given an individual time slot where we had to take a bite of an apple and place it in the instillation. I’ve never considered doing anything like this before so it was interesting experiencing it in a group, here was our final outcome and the progress in each apple being placed on the instillation.

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It was interesting to see how we each approached the apple, some people didn’t like apples so they chose to tear it or cut it, we had mixed feedback from the rest of our class, some thought it was disgusting but others found it interesting, not sure if i would work like this again.

We then had to swap work again and this is what we had to respond to


Part 1

Part 2

We really enjoyed the element of journey in this photograph, we thought we’d use the idea of the desk again but how our desk in the future will look like:

  • Professional
  • Sophisticated
  • Clean
  • Organized
  • Diploma
  • Plans
  • Frames
  • Notes
  • Planer

This is how our final tryptic looked like, we had to include the other tryptic parts in the last one as well to bring them all together so we decided to frame the first picture then use a laptop to show the video, these worked well with the sophisticated theme we were going for. I’ve enjoyed this week as it’s something I’ve never done before, not sure if i would carry on working like this but it made me think more about the presentation of my work.

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