Japanese design challenging western fashion ideologies.

Deconstructing form and materials Japanese design challenging western fashion ideologies.


  • Functionality
  • Form in relation to functionality
  • Materials and it’s connotations re functionality
  • Materials and cultural connotations, narratives, themes and motifs.

understanding context

  • Relate to other work and concept in academic study ‘inspired by this work…but changed this aspect because…’
  • to articulate reference books or other work
  • always provide a concept which has inspired you or dis you.

Yohji Yamamoto

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  • Strange if you compare it to western tradition
  • No outline of physical form-fashion can’t be separated from function to dress- Yama did this.
  • The body can’t interact with this clothing because of stiff material elements.
  • clear sharp edges opposite to female body
  • materials in form and function can create another meaning
  • Could have only designed this if he researched hid subject fashion and went against the cultural context
  • He used to work in a company which thrived perfection but he was against it.
  • ideology of western fashion is non existent in his work
  • No symmetry is categorized with perfection.
  • Sculptural as it’s irrelevant to the body


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