Summative Essay Plan

Image result for trawsfynydd power stationI’ve decided to discuss and analyse the quote ‘Sustainable Development is development which meets the need of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.’ United Nations WCED, Our Common Future, 1987 for my Summative assessment. During our last session we were talking about nuclear power station which is opening in Anglesey North Wales and this became quite a shock to me, I thought nuclear power stations were something of the past because of catastrophic consequences they can produce. Before moving to Cardiff to study I lived in Trawsfynydd where there used to be a running nuclear power station which drew water from our landmark lake, it stopped production in 1991 but because there wasn’t a proper plan to deconstruct the site it’s estimated not to be returned to it’s original state until 2083, it’s shocking to imagine being 86 when i’ll finally see the land how it used to look like. For this essay I would like to research into the argument of how sustainable a nuclear power station could be and why were still producing them.


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