Lab workshop 2

Light is colour

During this week we had to collaborate in groups to create a series of screen prints and paper sculptural objects which were animated through the interaction of colour. we will learn how to screen print and how colour can generate illusions and optical movement.

We were first introduced to the colour wheel and talked about primary colours, we then had to choose a colour and create the opposite of that colour on the colour wheel and mix to cretae a new colour. My first colour was Lemon yellow and the opposite colour to that is Magenta.


These were my Final three colours

We were then set into groups of three to start paper cutting and creating templates for our screen prints. To prepare our screen for printing we had to clean the screen with a jet washer gently then wait to dry, we added solution to the canvas then waited for it to try for 45 minutes, after they dried it was time to expose out template on the screen.


We placed our templates on the screen and exposed the solution to 10 minutes of light, this strengthened the solution which allows us to have multiple perfect prints. we then used a soft jet wash setting to get rid of the rest of the solution.

Using parcel tape i trimmed the sides of my spiral ready to print, this is how the template printed, I really liked how it turned out, I think the spiral shape will help with optical illusions.

We experimented with a range of coloured paper and paint an layered each others designs to see what worked best. we had to create an individual sculpture and a group sculpture. for my individual work I decided to make a paper lantern design as it would show the contrast of colours well.


I think the green and orange works well here, there is also the illusion that the spiral is float in the middle as the pattern is replicated in the foreground and background. For our group project we decided to combine each others work to create a scene, our final scene had the illusion of mountains in the background then a fair wheel in the middle with buildings in the foreground represented by my piece.


I really enjoyed learning about light and colour in this project, I would like to experiment further with paper sculptures but i’m not sure if I would benefit by adding silk printing to the process.

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