• What aspects of Archigram’s designs have actually come into being?

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The walking city reminds me of the Atonium in Brussels, this is a photograph I took when I visited, I could see this as being a potential city with the varying pods. His walking city has been the inspiration for launch pads for rockets as well.

  • Is it important to ‘think outside the box’ in design?

Not literally where aspects of the building are put on the outside ect air vents and pipes, it’s not at all aesthetically pleasing unless it’s been design specifically to compliment the building, this could be an interesting aspect.

  • What actually is a city?

When I think of a city I think of opportunity and aspirations, it’s about the chaos and diversity of city life. I’m experiencing a new way of living in a city, better jobs, met new people. I’m learning more and more each day and it’s inspiring me to try make a difference, develop and achieve my goals. There is a new found freedom to express my self and it’s amazing meeting people from all over the world.

  • What actually is architecture

It’s a place to feel at home and have a roof over our heads. It’s a result of peoples hard work and a place to work to be inspired and motivated to achieve.

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