The Rietveld – Schröder house

  • De Stijl -artistic movement from Holland 1917 written during ww1, written about chaos in ww2 people were sicken.
  • M.C.Escher responded by making perfectly geometric art in contrast to the chaos of ww1.
  • Theo Van Doesburg- founder of De Stijl people in the movement – Not highly organized
  • Woman in landscape 1903- Kandinsky fascinated Theo Van Doesburg, his work became abstract.
  • Bart Van Der Leck- Leaving the factory 1910 – Composition 3 1917
  • Moving from individual natural representation with external influence.
  • Piet Mondrian- his work became more and more abstract but still naturalistic, he moved to total abstract work in 1921 reducing images to horizontal and vertical lines and primary colours and shades of grey.
  • Neo-Plasticism: as a pure representation of the human mind. Art will express it self is an aesthetically purified, that is to say abstract form. Mondrian 1917
  • Gerrit Thomas Rietveld 1888-1964 he was a furniture designer who did a house which had components reduced to their simplest form.
  • Truus schröder (1889-1985) wife of Rietveld schröder. Gerrit Rietveld designed a house for her after he designed a room for her which had low ceiling, barely any furniture it was a place to escape from her husband. The Schröder house was made from bricks not concrete so it had a traditional construction. It had open planning so there would be a transparency through the house so her children would be a part of her world. we can see examples of this technique globally with the Senedd, the transparent government is showed through the glass walls.
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