Lab 1 Workshop

During our term Field  we have four weeks of Lab projects where we’re split into groups of 25. This week my project was ‘shadow play’, our first task was to collect 3D objects to create a still life and explore the form by using shadow,  our object consisted most of glass and plastics. We then started to create collages of the shadow of still life exploring the positive and negative spaces. We decided to focus on how the light traveled through each bottle individually, we will experiment with textures to try accomplish these. We reconstructed based on our collages using cardboard and paper.

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We took advantage of the corrugated cardboard and used it to create textures to out line the bottles, out collages started to look like an urban landscape and we decided in our final piece we will try to use sharp and straight edges which contrast with our glass bottles.

We decided for each of us to have individual section to do, this would allow the sculptures to be free standing and we have the freedom to experiment with how the pieces will reflect light after they’ve been glazed. We used a mixture of hand building and slab building technique to construct our sculptures, I found the slab building technique much easier as the hand building techniques requires time for the clay to harden and it could collapse if you build quickly, you can see in one of the photographs underneath where the bottom of the piece has collapsed because of the weight.

I really enjoyed working in my group with Heather, Menna-Clare and Poppy, we all worked well together by communicating and having a plan so everyone knew what they were doing, it was also interesting to see how everyone contributed and shared their skills and thought process with the group.

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