Ideas for lighting project

I have a lot of ideas for this lighting project but I need to start pin pointing an idea to develop and research. This is a list of brainstorming session I had of what I could look into:-

  • Environmental art- Tim Pugh is a welsh artist based in Snowdonia, light is an essential nutrient for his medium of work.

  • Light room photography
  • Functional-I would prefer if my work would be functional
  • Shadow-positive and negative of light
  • What can interfier with light/the effect-water-glass
  • Light is a comfort, scarred of darkness
  • Try to represent light as a sequrity and comfort
  • Reflection of light and how it deteriorates
  • Neon light art (how it’s made)
  • Light graffiti
  • Hanging refective pendants
  • Scandi lighting- These are from a previous project where I used the lathe to create lighting and decorated with copper enameling. not sure if I wold like to go back to this theme.image


  • Lightning – Hoter than the sun, powerfull, dangerous, damage-break and fragilty of light as it’s temporary
  • Greek gods
  • Light is life
  • Animal vision, how a piece can vary from peoples perspective
  • Poor Pewter into wood – tester
  • Lathe piece to cast in sand then pour aluminium
  • Research artist regarding light
  • Form polyester for aluminium cast
  • Photograph light/Shadows in architecture

I would like to experiment with pouring pewter into wood but I don’t think I know my way around the city enough yet to know where to source wood from as it needs to be dry to lathe, also the lathe can be very busy and I haven’t been inducted on it yet. I have been experimenting a little with throwing clay, I’m not sure if I could pour pewter into bisque fired clay but I would like to experiment with drying the clay quickly to form cracks so pewter can be poured between them, this would represent the element of lightning. I’ve made some slab pieces and they’re in the kiln ready to experiment, I’ve also been practicing my throwing.

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