Paper Making Workshop

I’ve always wanted to try paper making, I remember missing out on a lesson while studying Art GCSE and I’ve regretted it for too long! I’ve always wanted to try make my own sketchbooks with scrap paper, hopefully I’ll be able to attend a book binding workshop soon so I can start making!

  1. Cut small pieces of scrap paper and fill up a blender 4/5 with water and add a handful of scrap paper, blend for a minute until it turns to pulp.
  2. fill up a container like a box until it’s half full and stir the pulp around to evenly distribute it through the water.
  3. using j-cloths or newspaper, make a mound starting with smaller pieces to bigger pieces and wet down with water.
  4. Select a mold for the size of paper you want, place the outline base on top of the mold and place in the bottom of the box, while bringing it up through the water horizontally, shake a little to help the fibers lock together and rest until all the water has been drained.
  5. Lift the base from the mold, you should now see an outline of pulp. Lay vertically on the mound then gently roll to transfer the pulp, cover with more cloths then repeat process.
  6. To drain out the water, squash between two wood sheets and clamp with nuts and bolts, leave for 15 minutes
  7. Carefully separate each layer and leave in a drying room over night, if the paper is quite thick roll through a etching press, this will also strengthen the paper.

I really enjoyed this workshop, I will definitely experiment with a range of materials and dyes to make my own paper soon.

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