Marinetti, Saint Elia and The birth of Futurism and Futurist Architecture.

Antonio Sant’Elia was an Italian architect who was a part of the futurist movement in architecture, he believed solely in form and that architecture shouldn’t rely on decoration to look pleasing. He strongly believed that each generation must ‘build it’s own’. I agree with Antonio Sant’Elia, it can be very dull walking down the streets and seeing the same gray or sand stone houses row by row sharing the same form. We are fixed on looking back at the past and trying to copy the architecture, people are usually very disapproving of change which is disappointing as this makes it much harder to persuade change. I don’t think decorative architecture should be abolished, but trying to find new and innovative decorative techniques or styles could be beneficial for our generation.

It’s inevitable that we in some shape or form borrow from the past, it could be the spark for our development so we can progress to create the innovative, this doesn’t mean we will copy what has been made but we will learn and progress with their findings.

I think nostalgia has been successful in Art and Design so it is appropriate but discovery and curiosity is a stronger emotion which could develop our knowledge much further, this could in time fulfill us which has the same effect as nostalgia does.

Pastiche is the imitation of another artist work or period, I don’t think it should be avoided as we can learn and develop from them, it could also become quite nostalgic to some people but it would help them develop a taste for change if the work has been developed as well.


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