Cyanotype workshop

Cyanotype is a photographic printing process which creates a cyan blue print. the process uses two chemicals, Ammonium iron citrate and Potassium Ferricyanide, these are then applied to paper or cloth in a dark room until they dry, then place under ultraviolet light and leave exposed for around 8 minutes and wash the chemicals with water, if you want to intensify the blue wash with Milton (bleach) and wash again with water.


I experimented with these pieces first to see if the ultraviolet light would travel through the 5 layers of tracing paper, after they were exposed I could see the layers from the chemicals on the paper but once I washed them away to bring out the blue there wasn’t anything to see, I would need to expose them for a longer period for it to be successful next time.

These were my second attempts, I used two layers of parchment paper which was successful , I didn’t wash these will Milton to intensify the colour.

img_6959 This was my third attempt, which only had one layer of parchment, it was also successful and the blue is rich as i coated it with Milton. This process can bring out amazing detail in prints, by printing on cellophane and altering the contrast of the picture.


This is my favourite print, it was a combination of thread, parchment paper and fabric. I would like to experiment with thread further as this reminds me of lighting and it would be an interesting theme for my light project.

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