Creating sculpture using light

I’m very excited for our new project as it’s ‘Light’! Light was the theme for my final project in foundation and that’s where my passion for making really started to grow. We were given a range of materials including cellophane, wire, netting , tracing paper etc and a variety of lighting as well. My first instinct was to experiment with my sewn pieces I made for our cited project to see how a range of light would change their atmosphere.

The lights weren’t strong enough to cast huge shadows but while experimenting with other materials such as foil, the subtle shadows worked better.


I experimented by using material similar to gold leaf and placing them on tracing paper as that bounces light further, I would like my final pieces to become functional, but because they were small scale I would struggle to get lights small enough to fit inside and produce an even beam of light, but the light does reflect beautifully on the gold leaf. I need to experiment more with reflective material and with the tracing paper to see what the possibilities are.

While walking around the park I photographed shadows from the trees, I realized shadow is a important element for a 3D object as it helps to give depth, this made me think about the layers in these photographs and how i could incorporate layers in my work to amplify  light.


Based on one of the photographs from the park I used tracing paper and ink to replicate the layers light creates, I will need to experiment further to see how I would display my work.

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