The fourth dimension

The Sea-Gull 1896


We had to try relate this piece of play with the fourth dimension, the play is about a man and a woman going to watch a play. They can’t relate to one another as they live in a different dimension, their perspective of the rich and the poor. This dimension is restricting them of love as both are sad.

Masha – Rich but unhappy, believes money doesn’t make a person happy. She talks about affection she can’t return, because she is rich this could mean she is hard working and too busy for a social life, this is why she believes begging for money and asking for others help is easier than working for money.

Medviendenko – Poor and unhappy, can hardly feed his family of 4. All though he is poor and unhappy he doesn’t like to appear ‘mournful’ like Masha. He longs for love with Masha but knows he has the responsibility to look after his family and he won’t be able to provide for her.

These are two people who live different lives, separated by money, this could make the sense that the fourth dimension is feelings, they both feel sorrow, mourning, happiness and sadness.

‘Bathers at Asnières’ 1884         ‘A Sunday on La Grande Jatte’ 1884-85

This reminded me of George Seurat’s Neo-impressionism work, divisionism was a characterized style during the Neo-impressionism where a painting was created out of dots, this left the viewers eyes to interact with the colors optically.

On the left is the ‘Bathers at Asnières’ 1884 and on the right ‘A Sunday on La Grande Jatte’ 1884-85, for me these are two pieces divided by wealth where they look and envy one another from opposite sides of the river. On the right we can see the rich in their wealthy garments hiding underneath or creating shadow with umbrellas as the heat of the sun is weighing down on their garments which represents their social status, they look over the river envying the poor side while they’re free to strip and enjoy the heat of he sun. While on the left side of the river are the poor after a long day at work, which was most likely physical demanding rest effete. They enjoy playing in the river and relaxing on the bank  but are looking ahead envying the people on the other side of their wealth.

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