Week 4 – Creative Intuition in art and poetry – Preconcious life of the intellect

His habit had been to show her picture… to his intimates, but also to people he was meeting for the first time, people to whom he was beginning to take a liking. “This is Gala,” he would say “my wife.” And in his vibrant voice that emanated carelessness one could hear an undercurrent of something else, something always, somehow, insinuating.

It would have been hard not to gasp, and wonder, even in that company priding itself on its license, on its contempt for propriety, for bourgeois manners and morals. “what is it about,” some of them would ponder. “Is it simple pride? Just like that? Or is it some kind of solicitation? And for her? Or for himself?”

“And for her? Or for himself” was the extract that interested me the most, it made me think of all the beautiful women who have been portrayed by painting or sculpture in this museum mainly by male artists, all we are made to think about is their beauty and it is usually only the beauty artists can think about, not who they actually were and what they accomplished or achieved.

$$$-sculpture 17-0

One of the first sculptures that took my eye was ‘Venus Marina’ by Giambologna, she was a Roman Goddess who represented love, beauty, sex, fertility, prosperity and victory. She represents what every man desires in a woman but she’s mythological, she’s a perfectly imperfect representation of the expectations for women even for today.

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