Wax casting

For this workshop we used our vinamold from our first lesson to cast the wax, my mold wasn’t great so I definitely want to try this again soon. Wax casting is an easy process but can get quite dangerous as we use gas stoves to heat up the wax, it’s important to have a safety induction before trying it out.

Once the wax has melted we need to bring the temperature down, this saves a lot of time as thicker layers will form in your mold the cooler the wax is. This video shows how to cool the wax by pouring from one saucepan to another, the wax is ready to pour when a sheen or skin appears on top of the wax. The best thickness for a cast/sculpture is 4mm as the whole piece will cool down the same temperature eliminating the risks of cracking.

I hoped that I could only cast the bottom half of my perfume bottle but that was the area where I had to pour the wax, I will need to take the placement of my objects into consideration next time when I create my molds. I tried a mold already made in the workshop of a spoon but it was very thin, this was my 5th attempt and it still wasn’t whole!

I really enjoyed this process but I need to improve my mold making, I will try make a mold of my plaster balloon forms and see how they turn out, I think the wax will be thin enough that I can experiment with inserting lighting in them hopefully and see how the form varies the shadows, this will start incorporating my sightless project into my cited project.

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