Week 1

We were told the health and safety risks of using the sewing machine first then went on to thread the sewing machine properly and experiment with a variety of stitches. I’ve done a little bit of quilting over the summer so I was familiar with the sewing machine.

On my way home I thought how I could incorporate stitch to my sightless project, I photographed the cathedral I was passing to get inspired.

I noticed there were a variety of triangles in the photographs so I started to build forms out of triangles, I cut triangular pieces of fabric and sewed them together randomly then sewed triangular slits on top.

After I stuffed them I didn’t think they looked very exciting, I might try them in larger scale too see how it changes.

I started to embroider the shadow of the cathedral when I thought of Ana Teresa Barboza’s work, she uses growth of the landscape as inspiration and she replicates this beautifully by using a combination of hand stitching and crocheting to bring her work out of the canvas.

landscape-1 Using her concept I tried to replicate the shadow growing out of my canvas by embroidering, this was only a quick experiment but I’d love to learn how to hand stitch, it brings much more depth to your work.


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