Creating a wooden box

Week 1

During this workshop we were taught how to use the band-saw and a disk sander in order for us to create our boxes, it was a simple process but it was harder getting used to the machinery especially the band-saw.
Image result for simple wood joints 90 This was the joint we had to make, we had to create indentations on 2 side panels for the other 2 side panels to fit in. After these were glued and set we then added a bottom and lid by gluing and placing them in the vice to set.img_6049

Week 2

Our boxes had dried and were ready to be trimmed down, we used the band-saw to cut the edges as close as we could to the side of the box. The disk sander was then used to sand all the sides to make them even. We used the palm sander to soften the edges, we went form a grade 1000 to 250 then used fine wire wool.


When we were happy with the sanding our tutor added detailing to the edge of out soon to be lid by using a high speed pillar drill. To finish off we used the band-saw to cut off out lid then chose our varnish and left it to dry.

Week 3

On our last day of wood workshop we added hinges, clasps and decorative detail to our box. If I get the chance to do a box like this again I would take more care while cutting the lid, I stopped half way through using the band-saw so it’s a little bit uneven, also I would have varnished the box a darker color so it would suit the decorative detail.

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