CAD (Computer-aided design)

During my three week taster session of CAD I learn’t how to use Illustrator and Rhino, I’ve used Illustrator previously but Rhino was completely new for me. We had one lesson on Illustrator and two on Rhino, in our first session of Rhino we were taught how to create a shape and surface.

Image result for rhino 3d polysolid tutorials

This isn’t an example of my work but it uses the same techniques I did.

  1. Use the ‘Polyline’ tool to create a shape, make sure the last point joins up with the first otherwise press enter to complete form.
  2. This is only an outline, to transform into a surface use the ‘Surface tools’ by selecting the are you want to change.
  3. At the bottom of the screen you will be able to select a ‘Gumball’ setting, this will produce a red,green and blue arrow when you select your surface. Hold the CTRL button and use the blue arrow to drag the form upwards to make it 3d.

In our second lesson we were taught how to revolve and object, this was a tester piece I did trying to make a Christmas tree.

  1. Using the Z axis as a guide, I dew an outline of a Christmas tree
  2. Select the evolving tool which you’ll find in surface creations then select the object you want to revolve, it’ll ask you to select starting points so draw a line joining the top and bottom of the tree (anywhere on the Z axis) set the start angle to ‘0’ which will be in the command bar at the top then press enter. then set the revolution to 360 and press enter.
  3. When you view your form in the perspective view you will be able to see the form in 3d


I repeated this process to make a wine glass but softened the curves using the ‘Fillet curves’ tool, simply select two angles and insert a number into the command bar to set how much you want the angle to change.

I’ve really enjoyed these workshops, I hope I will be able to experiment more with CAD in the future!

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