Creating after London Design Festival

On our induction week we traveled to London to see the London Design Festival and the V&A’s, out of both my favorite was the LDF, there was much more contemporary making going on and it made me realize what I was most interested in. I really liked a lot of the clay/ceramic work compared to metalwork. The two designers I was most attracted to were ‘Troels Flensted Studio’ and ‘Kate Trouw’ both have very vibrant, contemporary work which looks simple and effortless.


Kate Trouw - Bound Necklace - 2.jpg

I was very inspired after seeing their work and I couldn’t stop my self from making. While I talked with Kate Trouw who creates these beautiful jewellery pieces based on her background as an architect, she said that her medium is ‘polymer clay’ which I hadn’t heard of before, after researching I found out it’s a clay which you can model then cook in the oven to harden, so I instantly made my way to hobby craft to buy some!


These were the materials I bought and the pieces after they came out of the oven. The pieces were very uneven as I don’t have many tools at the moment neither am I familiar with the workshop, so I used basic items like a water bottle to flatten the clay then the lid to punch the circles out. I used ‘Wet and Dry’ paper to sand the clay down and even the edges, when the clay is wet it collects dust very easy so it get’s  quite dirty, this could easily be sanded down going through the grades.


For these pieces i’m trying to figure out how to make photo transfers so I can turn them into pendants after putting some illustration on them.



This was the final out come, I drilled little holes on the side of the pieces so the joint wouldn’t be so visible and it would lay nicely on the arm. Next time I think I will make thicker pieces so they’re easier to sand as they need a bit more work done on them but over all I love the marbling effect on them, if I could buff them up I’m sure they’d look like glass!

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